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Model QM9200

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The pen can be used without the Quran – it's really a modern approach to learning the Quran, fits in your pocket like a phone. Easy-to-use handle menu.

It is suitable for those who begin to study the Quran and for those who have been studying the Quran for a long time. With this pen you can learn the alphabet and words, compare your pronunciation with Arabic readers.

It is also important to note that the function of teaching to pray salah (namaz) has been added as well.

Quran Pen with 2.4-inch (6.5 cm) display

Complete set
  • The size of the Quran book (cm) 19*14 см.
  • The book of Hajj and Umrah
  • The electronic device in the form of a pen
  • The Book Qaida Noorania
  • Quick Access Brochure
  • USB cable
  • Headphones
  • Instructions (in Russian)
  • USB connector
  • SD card connector
  • LCD screen on the handle
  • Choice of readers at the edges of the sheet
  • Choice of translation at the edges of the sheet
  • Comparison with your voice
  • Read speed adjustment
  • The function which automatically divides the sentence into words
  • Volume control on the book page
  • Working without the Quran
  • The function of reading + translation of the Quran
  • The function of reading the Qur'an by words
  • On the screen shows the translation
  • Number of readers in Arabic 20
  • Number of translations 20
  • Charging device for 220V

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