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Quran Pen Model Splendor

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The original edition of the Holy Quran in Arabic, made of bullion silver. The electronic device in the form of a pen is also included, it reads the Quran in Arabic and translates it into different languages.

Price: 50,000$
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Totally handmade. The binding is made of fine calfskin of deep green color, hand-inlaid with large silver inserts and painted in the technique of hot enamel. The color of the leather is chosen not ocasionally, it acts as a symbol of paradise gardens, youth and abundance. The front side of the book is decorated with the inscription "The Holy Quran", which is made in Arabic script and placed in a rosette of sky-blue color.

All the elements of the inlay are richly decorated with floral ornaments - islimi. The choice of such a design is determined by the Islamic tradition – to convey the beauty of forms through the calligraphy of the printed word and the use of plant ornaments in decor, without depicting animate objects.

The purpose of using endlessly intertwining patterns lies in the abstract vision of phenomena in Islam, and is intended to guide a person to understand the infinite in finite forms. The cover is complemented by silver corners and figured clasp decorated with a stone.

The full text of the Holy Qur'an, consisting of 114 chapters, is printed on the special paper with coding for scanning with a pen and is printed in the naskh calligraphy script, common during the reign of Caliph Uthman. The names of Allah, key phrases and places of extended reading are highlighted in red and green.


Format: 175 x 135 x 33mm.

Framing: silver 925° - up to 106 g

Insert: cubic Zirconia — 37 jewels.

There are the marks of the workshop and the assay chamber on the lock of the book.

Branded gift case made of wood.

Today just 1 set is available in our store.

In case of purchase production time is 40 days.

Complete set
  • The book of Hajj and Umrah
  • The electronic device in the form of a pen
  • The Book Qaida Noorania
  • Sahih Al Bukhari
  • Quick Access Brochure
  • USB cable
  • Headphones
  • Instructions (in Russian)
  • USB connector
  • LCD screen on the handle
  • Choice of readers at the edges of the sheet
  • Choice of translation at the edges of the sheet
  • Comparison with your voice
  • Read speed adjustment
  • The function which automatically divides the sentence into words
  • Volume control on the book page
  • Working without the Quran
  • The function of reading + translation of the Quran
  • The function of reading the Qur'an by words
  • On the screen shows the translation
  • Number of readers in Arabic 20
  • Number of translations 20
  • Charging device for 220V

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